“To Stop Hillary, Draft Condi”

February 9, 2005


Dick Morris is a very interesting chap. He is a political maven with chameleon-like capabilities. He worked dutifully for President Bill Clinton. In the latter stages of Clinton’s Presidency, Mr. Morris had a very visible “falling out” with the then first family – especially Mrs. Clinton. While he was never warm to the possiblity of a Gore Presidency, he was still considered a pundit for the Democratic Party.

But during the last election, that all changed. He worked alongside Sean Hannity as a complicit “former Democrat” tacitly favoring (wink-wink, nod-nod) President Bush. And now he is “proposing” Condi for President. I guess his days as a Democratic pundit are complete.

Nevertheless, he raises some very interesting points. He notes the obvious potential that Ms. Rice carries as a candidate for President. He points out the transforming potential of such a candidacy. Will the Republicans consider such a tactic? Would Ms. Rice even be interested? Who knows.

But it is impressive to consider that the first Secretary of State (Thomas Jefferson) also became the President of the United States. And what an irony it would be to see Ms. Rice continue that Jeffersonian tradition. Thomas Jefferson labored to see his Declaration of Independence include freedom for all persons in the nation. Wouldn’t it be a fitting tribute to President Jefferson to see the last remaining vestiges of antiquated cultural prejudice swept aside?

I do not know enough about Ms. Rice (or her political positions on key issues) to state whether or not I would join such a draft movement. But to even consider it speaks to how far this nation has progressed. May Mr. Morris’ thoughts be a calling to the spirits of all Americans. There is nothing that can prevent an American from achieving historic and amazing things. Let’s pray that this simple message can be shared by each and every American.




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