EarJams Finally Arrive

February 13, 2005

Music, Technology

Well, it’s been two days since my EarJams arrived. There are two different feelings I have about the purchasing experience.

First, e-commerce can be great and it can really suck. I had a gift card from my mother-in-law. And I had ~$25 left on the card. So you would assume that the EarJams purchase would “fit” quite nicely on the card. Oh no, Kemo Sabe! That would be a mistaken assumption. I “ordered” (purchased) the EarJams online. The online transaction was approved with the simplicity of a key click. Then the vendor (Griffin Technology) tried to process the transaction a second time (on the next business day). Of course, the second transaction wouldn’t work because of insufficient funds. So after having an approved transaction (and funds withdrawn from my card), the purchase was declined.

As much as I want to whine at them, I need to give Griffin some credit. I called their customer support number. They recognized the problem (as it had happened with numerous other “gift card” purchasers) and they shipped the EarJams right away. Indeed, I had them the very next day!

So the first feeling associated with the EarJams is frustration with inadequate processes to hold/clear purchases on Griffin’s e-commerce platform. I am sure that they will get this cleared up. Also, you can always purchase EarJams through a reseller like Amazon.

My second feelings about the EarJams are – wow! I love the bass boost. I love the volume increase (as the sound is _closer_ to my eardrums). I also love the fact that the ear buds no longer slip out of my ears. This is an extremely handy thing – especially for someone who is active.

How do they sound? Pretty good. They are not the kind of thing you want if you are seeking crystal-clear audio reproduction. But if you can live with that, then they are worth the $14.99.




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