Packing and Moving and Rewiring – Oh My!

February 28, 2005


Wow! The past few days have been hectic.

– On Wednesday, I packed boxes for an office move. The office move is simple: one building to another. Why? Why not! The cube looks the same. The furniture is identical. But I have moved by commuting bike to the other end of the parking garange. It’s a hundred yards less of a commute each way.

– On Thursday, I sealed the last boxes and checked out.

– On Friday, movers tooks the boxes and computer equipment and loaded them on a moving van. The van drove around the corner and unloaded. What a concept! Somehow, I am missing the efficiency of the move. But mine is not to wonder why. Actually, there are good reasons. But they relate to economies of scale – not to the efficiency of moving any single individual. So I soldier on.

– On Saturday, I needed to replace the TV/DVD/VCR/universal_gizmo receiver at home. The previous incarnation died on Wednesday. So I trekked off toe Best Buy. I found a great unit with the minimal features I needed and a price point I could stomach. But the store was out of inventory. So I wrangled with the sales rep. He was too young to know what was going on. So my insinuations about “bait and switch” tactics were lost on him. And he didn’t have the “authority” to sell me the floor model at an “open item” discount. It didn’t seem worth the hassle. So I went across the street to Ultimate Electronics. They had the same unit in stock for $20 less. I could live with the 10% discount. Best Buy lost their chance at my money.

– Every time I purchase new audio gear, it forces the resolution of other problems. One of my surround sound speakers was causing me problems. Actually, it was a kitten that caused some crossed wires – but that’s a different story. So I chose to rewire the run. Nothing big – just time-consuming. More drilling, more wires hung from the floor joists,… But now the surround sound is working.

– Why do these things always happen when I have big projects looming? I spent the balance of the weekend capturing game films for my daughter’s basketball coach. I also worked on music selection, photo editing and movie capturing/editing for the post-season video. And the season isn’t even over!

– The first big game in the state tournament is Thursday. Dana thinks they can win this one. I think she’s right. After all, they just beat this opponent by 22 points last Thursday. If they can work a good game plan, then they can play a good inside-outside game and separate the defense. Dana is preparing and praying for a 30-point game. I hope she gets it.

On a totally different front, I saw a note about a new DVD. Apparently, “The Greatest American Hero” seasons 1 & 2 are now available. I loved this show. I am so psyched about it being available. I can’t wait to see Ralph, Pam and Bill save the world all over again.

Ciao for now.
-The Cycling Roo-



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