iPodder 2.0 Availability

March 17, 2005


For the past few months, I have been using Doppler as my podcasting agent. It’s good. And it features the MS .Net Framework 1.1. So it’s got great support and a good feature set – for Windows only.

So I’ve been waiting for the latest iPodder from SourceForge. Well, that release is now available. So why iPodder v2.0? Here are some of the latest features:

  • Total redefined, fully-featured GUI (user interface)
  • New streamlined subscription process with an ability to check and uncheck items for download
  • New cleanup section allowing quick cleanup
  • History of downloads and click to play abilities
  • Proxy support
  • Threaded scans/downloads and resumable downloads
  • Import and Export functionalities (OPML) to enable easy transport of data between other applications
  • Many new smaller features including small add-ons like spotlight search, catch-up functionality, coralizing, and shortcuts enabled.

And, it’s freely available under the terms of the GPL. If you don’t have a podcasting client (to retrieve MP3 attachments from the RSS feeds), then try iPodder.

Our short break is now officially over!




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