Popups Must Die

April 3, 2005


Has anyone else started seeing more popups in the Firefox browsing experience? Over the past month or so, I have seen an alarming increase in the number of pop-under ads that have appeared while using Firefox. It seems that the marketing nere-do-wells have noted that Firefox does allow plugins to launch popups in an unimpeded fashion. Consequently, a lot of ingenious marketeers have launced their nefarious payloads in seemingly inocuous Flash or Java apps. When a Firefox browser comes along, the popup is launched through an already “approved” extension.

Well, Asa Dotzler and the folks at the Mozilla foundation are working on improvements to the popup blocker. While there is little “new” code in the beta patch, it seems that the Mozilla folks saw this one coming and had a patch already in the offing (and code alredy latent in previous distros). If you are interested in the gory details, go check out Asa’s weblog. But if you are a trusting soul, you can download a signed patch from the Mozilla team.

Happy hunting!



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2 Comments on “Popups Must Die”

  1. CyclingRoo Says:

    The world of popups is strange and mysterious. I decided to test the new “Popups Must Die” extension for Firefox. It works great. To get popups, you need to whitelst all the key sites you would allow to spawn popups. Consequently, I’ll be changing my blog behavior to allow instream (not popup window-based) comments.

    Also, I ran across a good site that you can test various popup techniques against your browser. The site is http://www.popuptest.com/. Firefox 1.0.2 (w/patch) passed all the tests while IE6 (XP SP2) passed most tests yet failed the tests for Floating popups and Drop Down popups.



  2. CyclingRoo Says:

    One more thing… Popups Must Die blots out Google AdSense (at least on my site). This may be a good thing to some of you. But I’m not so sure…



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