Fr. Roderick Rides to St. Peter’s

The prayers of every believer are now focused upon the life of Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II). This wonderful man brought Christ’s simple message of peace and forgiveness to millions of people around the world. His grace and humility will be missed. His steadfastness against worldliness must be applauded and emulated. And his faith in Jesus Christ must be affirmed and personally adopted by all believers. Only in this way, can we truly honor this man – as he truly honored his Savior.

Millions of believers (both Catholic and Protestant) will pray that the Roman Catholic Church will be graced with another leader who will heed the call of Christ. While I am an evangelical Protestant, I am still moved by the faith of this simple man from Krakow. I pray that Karol’s example will lead countless more people to the feet of our Savior. And I pray that the next leader of the Catholic church will be even more transparent. May God grace the Catholic church with a leader who will challenge all believers (both Catholic and Protestant) to a deeper and more meaningful realtionship with the carpenter who shed His blood on our behalf.

As I am considering these words, I am listening to the podcast of Fr. Roderick Vonhogen (from Utrecht). He is bicycling toward St. Peter’s Square while podcasting. As he is talking, he is interrupted by French journalists, Arabic pilgrims and Italian passerbys. It is amazing to hear a free-flowing podcast in four different languages. And this is the kind of thing that Karol Wojtyla would have wanted. He spoke many languages. He used the media to broadcast the message of his church beyond its traditional boundaries. So podcasting this event seems so appropriate.

May all of us take up the challenge that Karol (and Fr. Roderick) have laid before us. Let us make our faith real. Let us proudly proclaim the message of salvation that we have received. May we be willing to use _all_ means at our disposal to spread the message of salvation and peace to all mankind.




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