Firefox Gets SVG

April 29, 2005


SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) has been a web standard for almost two years. Adobe has had a plugin (at least, for Windows) for quite some time now. But there are no production browsers that provide native support for SVG.

But that’s about to change. Both Firefox and Opera are preparing new releases that will incorporate native SVG support. MoFo (Mozilla Foundation) is on record stating that native support will be part of Firefox 1.1. But on Tuesday (April 26th), Chase Phillips noted that native SVG support is now part of the nightly builds for Firefox.

So I grabbed the nightlies and voila! My browser now supports native SVG. Now I can see the OpenNMS maps w/o the need for a plugin. And there is so much more to be found in the SVG universe. So run over to your favorite mirror and get an SVG-enabled build. You’ll need to activate SVG (by setting svg.enabled to true in about:config). Then go and check out this link. But even better than the fixed samples is this SVG-enabled Tetris game.

Great stuff!




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