OpenNMS 1.2.2 Arrives!

April 29, 2005


This post is long overdue. But that’s my fault for not wanting to post an announcement before I had a chance to test and deploy the new release. When last I posted about OpenNMS, I had just upgraded our infrastructure to v1.1.5 (the release candidate for v1.2). The upgrade to v1.1.5 was difficult – but worthwhile. I had to struggle through data validation errors and other migration challenges. But after about ten hours, I was able to start the production server with the v1.1.5 code.

Well, I didn’t want to take that kind of an outage again. After all, we have ~350 nodes and ~750 interfaces. That’s not a lot. And since v1.1.5 was the release candidate for the “soon-to-be” stable branch, I thought I’d wait until the code stabilized – and the unexpected bugs were swatted. And, true enough, there were two quick release after v1.2.0 was originally released. So I waited until yesterday – and dove in.

I preped the box by downloading/moving the RPM’s and backing up all the customized configuration files and html pages. So at lunch, I brought the system down and started the upgrade. [BTW, I love daytime outages. It sure beats the Saturday night + Sunday morning outage windows in most businesses.]

Unlike the v1.1.5 upgrade, this one went flawlessly. The software installed w/o any problems. And the installation script validated all the necessary table dependenices – most of which had already been ironed out with the v1.1.5 release. After the software install and data prep, all I needed to do was apply the customized html edits and all replacement pages. After a quick daemon restart, the system came up flawlessly. Props to Tarus, DJ and the crew. The new stable branch rocks! It is fast and full of cool new features.

Total install time: 15 minutes




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