Speaking of WYSIWYG HTML…

May 29, 2005


Ever since my wife switched to FrontPage for her web pages, I have forgotten just how much tedium there is in properly coding web pages. It is always fabulous to know just how far we’ve come. I built my first public web page over a decade ago. And I used a text editor to do it. But that was then.

And this is now. I’ve been using the Mozilla Deer Park Alpha browser (or its predecessors from the Mozilla nightlies) for about two weeks. This product is the developer preview of the next version of Firefox (dubbed FF 1.1). And almost everything works fine. Emphasis must be placed upon the “almost” adjective. I have two big and continuing problems with this build.

First, the new extension management system doesn’t work quite right with Greasemonkey (or vice-versa). So cool Ajax apps like Book Burro are not available when I use Deer Park. And after noting the importance of AJAX, I hate to abandon enhanced Javascript tools. Fortunately, the latest code drop does include some interesting extensions to current Javascript functionality. So I think I’ll fiddle with Deer Park some more.

Second, I can’t create/edit posts in Blogger while in the Compose view. Instead, I must use the Edit HTML tab. And this is visibly reminding me of the simple HTML tags used for everyday tasks (even italicizing or bolding text). Man, we have come a long way in a short time. Now if we can only hide the complexities of XML from the average user… Oh, wait. Isn’t that what Microsoft did with Office 2003? How many people really see the complexities of the XML embedded within these apps?

I sure am glad for progress. It’s so… progressive. 😉




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