Firefox Is Unstoppable…

May 31, 2005


… at least, some folks think so. In a newsbite referenced at BBR, W3Schools lauds Firefox as a browser held in high regard for its security strengths – despite recent (and notable) security flaws. In this article, the unnamed author notes that

…Firefox reached a market share of 25%, while Internet Explorer plummeted to 64.8%. If we take into consideration the entire browsing solutions suite, Mozilla Foundation now owns a market share of almost 30%.

These kinds of articles are always quite interesting. But BBR coupled this reference with a reference to Internet Explorer 7 and its status. In the referred article (which itself refers to the Microsoft IEBlog), TechWeb’s Gregg Keizer references Tony Schreiner’s statement that Microsoft is playing “catch-up” to other browsers with tabbed interfaces.

So, here I am. I am quoting a site that references another site that links to another blog by another person. Hardly a strong source. But it does prove one thing: Firefox is unstoppable – at least for now. I have rarely seen a product achieve so much buzz in such a short time. As long as this kind of gratuitious cross-linking keeps up, the buzz will remain.

But the good news is that Firefox is worth the buzz. And Firefox is making real headway. Even Microsoft is paying attention. And Microsoft is changing its plans. How many of us ever thought that IE 7 would ever ship w/o Longhorn? Well, Firefox is making that happen. How many of us thought that security would remain a key focus for Microsoft? Well Firefox is making that happen. Firefox may be the best thing that ever happened to Microsoft!




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