WikiProxy: Mashups for Hypertext Linking

June 9, 2005


Yesterday, I finally got Greasemonkey to work on the Firefox Deer Park Alpha. And today, it comes in handy. Stefan Magdalinski ( and Matthew Gertner (Allpeers) have just posted a very cool Greasemonkey script called WikiProxy. The script was designed to fix Stefan’s BBC browsing experience. Specifically, he was tired of not seeing any links on BBC pages he browsed. So he wrote a script that would take all the proper nouns and check to see if there was a Wikipedia entry for those nouns. If matches are found, the page is re-writen to link to the Wikipedia entry. Now this is really cool.

Of course, the script will read/re-write all pages to check for Wikipedia links. Hence, I’m not inclined to run this all the time for all sites. But it is a very cool concept. It’s not quite an AJAX implementation. But it wouldn’t be hard to make the background calls to Wikipedia in an asynchronous manner. Hmmm. Maybe I feel a project coming on… [6/11: Matt tells me it is AJAX. So, I guess the science project is off. Rats!]




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One Comment on “WikiProxy: Mashups for Hypertext Linking”

  1. Matthew Gertner Says:

    It totally is AJAX since the term list is retrieved via an asynchronous XML request. The only caveat is that this comes from Stefan’s computer rather than from Wikipedia, which AFAIK does not offer an API of this type.

    (Note also the spelling of my last name 🙂



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