Pass the Musical Baton

June 19, 2005

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I got a great reply from Kari concerning my recent “Music that Matters” post. And it seems that Kari and her friends have been playing a game called “Pass the (Musical) Baton.” Each person who “has the baton” must post answers to some basic musical questions. And then they must “pass the baton” to someone else

Well, I haven’t gotten the baton, yet. But I will post my answers, nonetheless.


Amount of music on your computer?

2,454 songs, 6:16:28:38 total time, 9.09GB (as reported by iTunes)

Currently listening to?

Grown Backwards, David Byrne: This is an excellent (if offbeat) album. It carries a lot of the traditional eclectic feel of the Talking Heads. But it is a much more mature album with a much more adult and introverted feel.

The Eleventh Hour, Jars of Clay: I can’t hear enough of this album. I have loved Jars of Clay since their original, self-titled album. And in many ways, they’ve never paralleled the original work. “Flood” is still one of my favorite songs of all times. This album is a wonderfully sonic and literary album. Every song speaks to a part of this middle-aged man.

Blue Belly Sky, The Waiting: This was one of The Waiting’s very first albums. It was re-released in the late nineties to much fanfare. I particularly love “Staring at a Bird.”

I listen to all sorts of other songs, every day. And in addition to these albums/artists, I swap in the occasional podcast. My current (and favorite) podcasts include: I.C.M. Raw, Rachel’s Choice, Lifespring, Evil Genius Chronicles and Earthcore (a podcast novel).

Five songs that mean a lot to you?

The Waiting – Too Many Miles: This song speaks to every “tired” Christian who has no energy left to avoid the Almighty God. Instead of running from God’s presence, the song urges the listener to do anything in order to stay with Him.

Keith Green – Love Broke Through: This song was released shortly after I became a Christian. Throughout my college years, this song reminded me of what God did for me and just how wonderful He is. I cannot listen to this song without returning into His presence. Keith Green wrote songs that were difficult to listen to. While they were wonderful musically, they always challenged you to be more “real” in your walk with Christ (and through the world). Keith’s words have always been able to stir my spirit to greater devotion – and earnest repentance.

Five Iron Frenzy – Dandelions: This is a tear-jerker for me. It speaks to how I see myself. I am a child with nothing of value to offer to my God. Yet He looks at my paltry offerings and He is thrilled with them. And this song is a constant reminder of how I should receive the offerings that my four children lay at my feet. I pray that I can show how truly thrilled I am with everything they give to me.

PfR – Pray for Rain: My spirit rises whenever I hear the opening guitar-work of this song. I need God to pour out His rain onto my arid soul!

Jars of Clay – The Eleventh Hour: It’s never too late to turn (or return) to God. This song heralds our willingness to allow God to fundamentally transform us – before it’s too late!

Top five albums?

For Him Who Has Ears to Hear, Keith Green: This was one of the first Keith Green albums I ever bought. After wasting a year at college, this album provoked me to seek Christ’s purpose for my life. Dear God, please let me turn to you every time I hear Keith’s simple message.

The Eleventh Hour, Jars of Clay: This album is so rich with praise and thoughtful reflection. It is sonically superior to any “commercial” album you have ever heard. And the vocals are provacative in every way. I become lost in rapture every time I listen to this album.

The Waiting, The Waiting: This album contains song after song of unbridled joy. God’s love is “Never Dim.” And we can raise our “Hands in the Air” as we accept God’s judgement and His mercy. I love this band. And while I may like some of the songs from their other albums a little more, I feel that this is one of the best rock/praise albums I have ever heard.

Caedmon’s Call, Caedmon’s Call: This is one of the most amazing acoustic albums of all time. Every song is delivered crisply and candidly by this Austin-based band. They proclaim God’s simple message with tight harmonies and even tighter guitar-work. While I generally prefer heavy bass and driving percussion, this album delivers a message that reaches my spirit.

The Late Great PfR, PfR: I really wanted to avoid a “Best of” collection. But I couldn’t select just one album from PfrR. I just wish that Joel could add some of the tracks from his latest album. Fortunately, I can build my own mix with “Amsterdam” included.

Last album bought?

X&Y, Coldplay: OK. I’m one of the suckers that bought this album. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good album. But it sounds so much like Parachutes and Rush of Blood. There is nothing new to provoke the soul. It deserves a few more listens before I give a definitive review. But right now, it’s not getting a lot of “rotations” on my playlist.

Recent discoveries?

I’ve been out of the pop music scene for a while. So I missed David Byrne’s “world music” albums. I’m enjoying these very much. After a college-life filled with the Talking Heads, it’s great to hear David is still making experimental (and good) music.


And I pass the baton to Rick.




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3 Comments on “Pass the Musical Baton”

  1. mike Says:

    good music choices

    however, with keith green and caedmons call, i am surprised to see that rich mullins was not mentioned anywhere on your list.

    also, please continue to listen to x&y, it continues to grow on me and i can’t stop listening to it.

    mike (of kari and mike)


  2. CyclingRoo Says:

    Mike, Using the rules of the game (five songs, five artists, etc), it’s hard to add everything I love.

    Rich Mullins is pretty high on my list – especially “Awesome God.” But I also had to leave off Twila Paris, Glad, Amy Grant, The Imperials, and even DC Talk.

    I was able to sneak one Michael Card song onto my “Songs that Matter” list (a “game” that a friend of mine is doing). Indeed, it was that list that led me to posting on your wife’s site.

    BTW, it’s amazing to me how God can connect people together. While the Internet is full of indecency and triviality, it is also full of good and godly people. I am fully convinced that God led me to your wife’s site so that our families might share something of value. I don’t know what that is or what it might be, but I am sure that God will reveal that purpose.

    Unitl then, I pray that you and your wife will experience God’s grace and mercy in even more dynamic ways than you have already. May God bless your marriage and the ministry you share with one another.



  3. Rick W. Says:

    That’s just not fair. You know I’m having a very difficult time getting my music choice down to a CD’s worth of music (20 or so songs) much less 5 songs or albums. I’ll answer a couple of questions and hedge a bit on the other. I have 12,494 songs on my computer – that was easy (to count, not to get them all on my computer).

    The last CD I purchased was XO by Coldplay which I think is a great CD even if it doesn’t break new artistic ground. Prior to that I purchase a CD by a woman named Annie. The CD is titled Anniemal and it’s probably the best pop / dance album I’ve heard since Madonna’s first album. Annie sounds like a mash-up of Madonna and the Tom Tom Club.

    As far as the five favorites – how about if I answer with 5 favorite performers. Those would probably be (in no special order) Radiohead, David Bowie and New Order – who I think are great innovators in music and have been an inspiration to countless other artists. Also, Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello who are just terrific songwriters and performers. I’ll keep working on the top songs and albums.



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