New Technorati Look

June 21, 2005

Social Networking, Technology

It’s official. The public beta of the new Technorati is now over; Technorati has been updated with a totally new look and feel. In his announcement, David Sifry notes that this “… has been primarily a user interface refresh and facelift.”

And what’s my opinion on the changes? Well, I like the facelift. The front page seems more inviting – especially with the goofy superhero motif. 😉 Of course, I’ll have to play with some of the new functionality to really make an informed assessment. But it does look like searching other tag-centric services (like Flikr, furl, and has been improved.

And Technorati now supports watchlists. This is not a new thing for me as I get some of this functionality from my RSS reader (Sage). In addition to the functionality from Sage, I am really loving 24eyes. The 24eyes dashboard gives me a great “heads-up” view of the daily news. And it’s a hosted web site that I can access anywhere on any browser on any platform. So the new Technorati watchlist functionality is not immediately needed by this user. But for those who don’t have an RSS reader, the Technorati functionality should meet most of your needs.




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