So Adam, Will You Use BitTorrent?

June 24, 2005


“Podcasting is the salvation of BitTorrent.”

What a great thing to hear from the “Gilmor Gang” panel discussion at Gnomedex 2005. Dave Winer challenged Adam Curry to use BitTorrent to solve his bnadwidth issues. Adam responded that he does not want to become the “poster child” for a technology that is viewed as bad or illegal. While I understand Adam’s concerns, I love the challenge he received from the rest of the panel. Dave Winer reminded Adam that his use was completely legal and non-infringing. Consequently, he asked Adam to accept the same challenge that Adam made to Steve Jobs.

So who wants to bet on whether Adam will use BitTorrent as a distribution option for The Daily Source Code?




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4 Comments on “So Adam, Will You Use BitTorrent?”

  1. mcdtracy Says:

    I believe the average PODcast listener won’t be able to get BitTorrent to function easily. Standard PODcast downloads happen over port 80 and bit torrent requires additional ports to be opened in a firewall to be able to function. The devil’s (continues) to reside in the details… and Adam Curry knows enough to proceed cautiously when he’s on thin ice
    with a technology. It amazes me to see some technical types try to pidgeon hole a more marketing focused business person into a commitment on tech… It’s just empty drama and untimately a test of character. I didn’t hear the discussion yet but I’m expecting to hear Adam win on character grounds.


  2. CyclingRoo Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. And I do agree that some technologists are “in it for the sport” and would love to hijack an important discussion and render it trivial. But that’s not my intent. I’m not trying to goad anyone into anything.

    Actually, there has been some excellent work embedding BitTorrent into some podcasts. I believe that Geek News Central offers the option for those who wish to use it. As memory serves, the BitTorrent feed is available on a separate feed. In this way, the knowledgeable folks can use BT while the general populace can still use http-based transfers.

    But sometime very soon, I would expect BT to become embedded in a whole lot of other things.

    In the meantime, you raise a very interesting point. While it isn’t too hard to open up BT through most residential gateways, it is a non-trival exercise nonetheless. UPnP can help. But there is still the problem of how to push BT through large enterprise (or campus) infrastructures. Fortunately, there a lot of folks looking at – and hopefully solving – the issue.

    Finally, I stand by my point. Dense and rich media sources (like audiocasts and/or videocasts) will require either multiple transmission sources (like BT or other P2P technologies) or will require network-based multicasting solutions.



  3. CyclingRoo Says:

    Correction: Adam Slusher of The Evil Genius Chronicles ( is also utilizing BT. A quick Google on BT and podcasting yields quite a bit of info.



  4. Laurent KRATZ Says:

    Although Podcast could be a legitimate use of BitTorrent, Creative Commons Music is another.

    Have a look to Jamendo ( ) more than 100 albums licenced under CC by the artist and distributed with BitTorrent and/or eMule/eDonkey.


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