BBC Does RSS for TdF

I love convergence. When things I love cross paths, I know that I’m in the right place. Well, I’ve been reading all the Tour de France news (for the past year). And I decided to hunt down new sources for stories. For whatever reason, I started to check the Eurpean sources. In general, European newspapers have a much more balanced coverage of the event. Here in the States, all we hear (from mainstream sources) is that Lance is winniong or Lance is not winning yet. So I wanted to read what is being said by papers that have a longer history with the sport.

So I ran across an article from Robbie McEwen on the BBC’s sports page. And while the various stories were pretty mundane, I noticed that our friend – the RSS badge – was visible on a whole bunch of pages. And better still, the RSS feed was for the entire sport of cycling. W00t! If you want to consume the RSS feed, it can be found here.

I love it when my technolgy interests cross into my other personal interests. It means that the technologies I love are becoming mainstream.




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One Comment on “BBC Does RSS for TdF”

  1. Pratyush Says:

    BBC is one of the few sites which provide RSS – separate feeds for every section 🙂


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