My Firefox Configuration

July 10, 2005


I am frequently asked: what customizations/extensions/scritps/insundries do you use for your Firefox configuration. That is a great question. And I have needed to anser the question a few times for myself. You see, every few days, I try a new nightly build (including the fabulous update system) or I regress my personal configuraiton to test things like the 1.0.5 candidate builds (like I am running now).

Each time, I really want to start with a fresh install. So I uninstall the previous version. Then I clear out the directories where everyting else (like extensions) is stored. Finally, I clear out the registry. Yeah, I know the last step would be unnecessary for my Linux systems. But this is Windows after all. So every week or so, I start out clean and refreshed. Then I have to add back the tools that I love – or just like a whole lot.

So why am I blogging about this? Two reasons, I want to keep a running (and public) list of what I’m running and what I love. In this way, people can learn from my meager experiences. Second, I want to make sure that I keep a handy list so I can launch the relevant installers whenever I start with a fresh build. I could write this stuff down. Better still, I could type up a quick Javascr5ipt and be done with it. But I want other folks to see what I’m using. So here goes…

Adblock: Firefox stops many popups. Adblock stops even more.
Greasemonkey: An absolute must.
FoxyTunes: I love the fact that I can use iTunes without changing focus of my usual window – the Firefox browser.
Google Toolbar for Firefox: This is a great newcomer to my extensions.
Sage: A wonderful little RSS reader extension.

Greasemonkey Scripts
Technorati This: A simple script that adds Technorati tag embedding in Blogger’s post editor
Wikiproxy: This script scans each page for nouns and checks to see if these nouns can be found in Wikipedia. This is a sweet little script.
Technoproxy: This little gem scans each page and places links to relevant Technorati subject. Like Wikiproxy, this is a fun little script with a lot of processing required.
Book Burro: A script that adds functionality to Amazon, B&N and a few other book etailers. Whenever I want to explain the power of AJAX, I demo this little gem.
Email Linkify: I hate it when folks don’t use the relvant “mailto:” links on their pages. This script remedies such omissions.

Macromedia Flash: Nuff said

Ping Technorati: A simple bookmarklet that pings Technorati with the current page URL. Just drag this link to your bookmarks and you’re done.

There is more I could write, but I’ll append as the need arises.



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One Comment on “My Firefox Configuration”

  1. Jesse Andrews Says:

    Check out for the extension version which adds abebooks, powells and caching!


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