Triangulating on the Truth in the Blogosphere

July 12, 2005

Social Networking, Technology

Robert, you need to write a book or something. 😉

Robert Scoble has written a pretty good – albeit short – article on the relevancy of blogs and journalism. His keen insights include:

“…you know I’m biased, right?”

“…you can’t trust what I write.”

“I can’t control what they all say.”

Robert’s basic recommendation is simple: “you’ll be able to triangulate in on the truth.” And he is absolutely correct. A lot of people took the easy road and just trusted whatever they heard on the “Big Three” networks. But those days are long gone. And we certainly can’t trust any single source alone.

Instead, we must develop our own lists of sources on both sides of an given issue. And we must read (and carefully consider) each of these multiple sources in order to get a comprehensive view. Indeed, in this day and age, we are obligated to read multiple sources and then process all the information at hand. That’s why I follow liberal and conservative blogs rather than limit myself to blogs I concur with. That’s why I read the tea leaves from the .Net camp as well as the Java camp. After all, informed choices are predicated upon complete information.

[Thank goodness for RSS. Otherwise, I couldn’t keep up with all the sources I track.]




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