Morning Grind #1

July 19, 2005

Bicycling, Technology

Pardon me, Dave. I should probably check to make sure that today’s title is not in some way copyrighted (a la, Mornning Coffee Notes). But the title suits the mood. Like a good coffee bean, sometimes you have to be burned, ground up and then steeped in boiling water (or steam). But the final result is amazing: a) a great smelling beverage, b) a good boost for a slow morning, and c) a really good flavor. And the beginning of each new day can be something like that: highly traumatic but quite rewarding. Here is today’s “booster shot” of mornining “quick takes.”

– Lance is still in the maillot jaune of the Tour de France.

– Yahoo! Sports is reporting that as the final week is starting, Lance’s rivals are “resigned to defeat.” Too bad. I sure hope Jan can make the podium. And wouldn’t it be a treat to see Lance pace him there! BTW, today’s stage may well favor Lance and Jan pushing ahead of Rasmussen. If they can get into a time trial mode, they can put some distance into the maillot a pois. I can’t believe I’m saying this: go Jan!

– I love the Yahoo! Sports interactive display for the Tour de France. At the top of the window is a little diagram of the gaps between escapes and the peleton. It’s a cute graphic, but it does provide good info – especially about the time gaps and the various people in each group of riders. At the bottom of the window is a graphical stage profile that shows where the race is on the day’s parcourse. It give a great view of the stage and where the riders are at the current moment.




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