Morning Grind #3

Here are today’s quick takes…

  • John Udell has a great piece about tagging and its impact upon the web – and the enterprise. He notes, “Is this a fad or a real breakthrough in information management? I say both. Tagging has attained the elusive cachet of coolness. New taggers feel an initial thrill of empowerment. Venture capitalists, sensing the buzz, are looking to amplify it.” One of the more intriguing targets of corporate tagging will be corporate email. Udell notes, “My guess is that e-mail will play an important role. Mining corporate e-mail to identify groups who are — or should be — collaborating is getting to be a big deal. Tagging can improve that process.”
  • The EDS Fellows have a good piece about the impact of service-oriented architecture (SOA) on IT governance. In the first of a multi-part series, Charlie Bess notes that “Organizations will need to define techniques to ‘fast-track’ business critical changes into production as well. Solutions that need functionality early may need to create a veneer of service functionality until the formal service is defined.” One of the larger implications of a completely SOA-based IT infrastructure is the reality that deployment decisions may become more de-centralized – into the hands of the business units that are paying for the components to be built/deployed.
  • Prasenjeet Dutta has decided to take a jab at Robert Scoble (and Microsoft). He says, “stop conversing with the market and start shipping something that people can actually use.” Fair criticism. And Robert has accepted that criticism. So let’s hope that Microsoft will start delivering products that match Robert’s high rhetoric. The first product up will be the IE7 beta, soon followed by the VS.Net suite to be unveiled at the PDC.
  • It looks like Discovery held the lead in the team classification for only a day. T-Mobile had a rider in today’s break. That will probably neutralize the minor lead they had over T-Mobile.
  • Cindy and Dana have made it to Louisiana for the “Battle on the Bayou” tournament. Play starts tomorrow.




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