Morning Grind #4

July 22, 2005

Bicycling, Technology

Settle down everyone. It’s Friday. Nothing big going on here in the heart of America. But there are always some tidbits from around the globe.

  • The next version of Windows will be branded as Windows Vista. While I normally hate marketing names, I actually like this one. It certainly highlights the fact that Microsoft wants the next OS to represent a new “vision” for computing. And it beats both the calendar branding and the acronym branding of the past.
  • C|Net has a couple of really good pictures of cycling gear in their “Tour de Tech” article about Lance Armstrong’s high tech arsenal on display at the Tour de France.
  • Yahoo! Sports has a great article about Lance and Trek. I sure hope Trek can find another rider who can be nearly as pivotal as Lance has been.
  • Last words from Lance: `Honestly I’m ready for the end,” Armstrong said. “I’m ready for this career to be over and move on to something else. I’ll come back, but certainly not as a racer, primarily as a fan of cycling.” Lance, we’ll miss you. But I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll all see you again. I’m taking bets on politics – but not for a couple of years. First, he’ll work for the Discovery Channel (the team and the network). He may also get a position with a sponsor – like Trek. But in the end, he’ll have a position in millions of hearts across the country and around the globe. Salut, mon ami.



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