Morning Grind #5

July 23, 2005

Bicycling, Family, Technology, Wireless

It’s early Saturday morning. As I look out the windows, I realize that I will be the recipient of another beautiful day. I am sure it will be a scorcher. But it is clear and bright. What a way to start. The only way to start it better would be to see the sun rising over the ocean!

Here are the quick takes for today:

  • Cindy and Dana are still in New Orleans. Dana has two games today. We’re praying for you, sweetheart.
  • I’ve loaded the new HyperWRT bits from Rupan. The HyperWRT code is v2.1b1. And the Linksys code is the 4.20.6 codebase. Linksys hasn’t even released their binaries yet. But they did release the source already. Linksys/Cisco is taking their commitment to the open source community very seriously. They deserve our thanks. With the source code, Rupan has retrofitted the HyperWRT code. So far, the code looks great. I’ve been using it for almost 24 hours. So far so good.
  • It’s the Tour, baby! Michael Rasmussen has just fallen during his TT ride. This may give Jan the edge he would need to take third place. Lance is underway. This should be fun. And at the time checks, the three leadersa are Americans – and none of them is named Lance – yet. Bobby Julich, Floyd Landis and George Hincapie are at the top for now. But we still have Jan, Michael, Ivan and Lance to go through. But any way you look at it, American cyclists are doing fabulously.

I’m in a peculiar mood. I think I may just go out and buy a new vacuum cleaner. Sometimes, I frighten even myself.




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