Morning Grind #6

July 25, 2005

Bicycling, Family, Security, Technology

I am looking forward to a great week. God has shown me His grace and mercy by allowing me to spend yet another day within His glorious creation. And there are a lot of wonderful (and challenging) things happening today.

  • The Sacramento Bee (via BroadbandReports) has a piece on the hysteria surrounding WiFi piracy. As expected, the MSM piece is light on substance and heavy on fear. But the basic point (that you should increase the security of your WiFi infrastructure) is absolutely correct.
  • has a piece on Internet security today. Everytime I read stuff in the MSM, I am reminded that I must stay at least one step ahead of the malcontents. Hence, I am staying with my current firmware until WPA2 is available on alternative firmware builds.
  • The past few days have been a challenge. Last week, my debit card was suspended. Apparently, someone in Poland had gained access to my card number and was starting to charge against my account. I am glad that Bank of America suspended the account. But I am amazed at how inconvenient check-writing has become. I now understand just how dependent I have become on my plastic debit card. It’s odd. I didn’t think I used it much, until I didn’t have it.
  • After any number of pre-finals, Brainslayer has released DD-WRT v22. This is an exceptional firmware build and I have used it for many months. But I will tell you that I will not be using this release. I have decided that I truly want/need WPA2 support. So I am using Rupan’s test build of HyperWRT 2.1b1. But Brainslayer has noted that v23 of DD-WRT will incorporate WPA2. So whenever the new bits arrive, I will be back on DD-WRT.
  • CyclingNews has a good interview with Alexandre Vinokourov. Vino spoiled all the fun for the TdF sprinters (includuing Robbie McEwen). But Vino’s outlook is quite refreshing. “What counts for me is attacking all the time, that is an ability that I have.” And he sure demonstrated it yesterday. Anyone want to bet on where Vino lands? We’ll find out RSN.

I’m looking forward to a great day.




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