Morning Grind #8

July 27, 2005

Family, Technology

And here is today’s “quick shot” of tidbits…

  • Microsoft is having its big “coming out” party for the “software formerly known as Longhorn.” OK, it’s not the big “coming out” event, but it is the beta launch for IE7 and Windows Vista. And Microsoft is betting a lot on the event. They are hoping that the buzz will begin big and lead to even bigger sales next year. But I sure hope that the bits are worth the buzz.
  • I don’t want to sound grouchy, but the Firefox Live Bookmarks feature isn’t the best way to completely digest feeds. Don’t get me wrong. It is a great addition to the browser. And I love having the feed titles and posting titles right at my fingertips. But if I want to read the full article, then I have to click through the links. So Live Bookmarks is good for feed browsing – where you might or might not read the whole article. But it not as good for feed consumption. Consequently, I use a multi-paned feed reader to read the posts on those feeds that I know I will be reading. I have used the Sage Firefox extension for a while. And it is good. But I also use the RSSOwl feed reader. This reader is unique in that it is completely written in Java. So it operates the same regardless of the platform I run it upon. I’ve just picked up the new version. Rest assured, I will report back what ever I find.
  • Aaron and the Greasemonkey team have released a new “test” version of the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox. I won’t link to it here as the code is only avaiable to the test team. But these bits are sure yummy! THis version works quite well with Deer Park Alpha 2 codebase. And this version features a new security model that addresses the security concerns expressed last week. It’s all good, home fries. 🙂
  • Dana starts Junior Olympics today. Bracket standings and game results can be found here.

That’s all for now. May God bless your day and keep your heart in His care.




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