A Brief History of Lance Armstrong

August 3, 2005


Last night, I watched a very special OLN interview. The OLN Tour de France commentators interviewed Lance Armstrong. This time, the interview was a farewell to the champion. As I watched the interview, I was struck by how much Lance has accomplshed – for himself, for his team, for his nation, for American cyclists and for cancer survivors worldwide.

I knew I would not be able to recount all of Lance’s accomplishments in his fourteen-year pro career. Fortunately, CyclingNews has put it all together here. Please take the time to read this summary. It is a stunning history delivered in very short order.

But while Lance’s professional accomplishments can be listed in his palmares, his real accomplishments can never be fully listed. Lance has given hope to people who are struggling to endure. While he can never take responsibility for the personal victories other’s have experienced, he can take pride in the fact that many people have used his example as a “seed of hope” that they can cling to. For me, i remember to persevere in my struggles just as Lance would persevere on every mountainside. For many, Lance has given them the tangibile demonstration of victory with which they can fight debilitating and hopeless medical situations.

While there are many memories I will cherish, I will forever be moved by Lance Armstrong and his victory at Luz-Ardiden in 2003. I will always remember him falling at the hand’s of a spectator. He could have lost the Tour at that very point. But he got up, he got on his bike, and he worked even harder. Man, I want that to be an example I follow whenever I falter. I want to be known as a man who puts failure (self-induced or otherwise) where it belongs – back in the past. Future victories depend upon barring misteps and pratfalls from taking center stage; future victories depend upon what you will do (and will to do), not what you failed to do in the past.

Lance, good luck in your future endeavors. And thank you for leaving the cycling stage as a paramount winner – not as a bitter and wasted former winner. You have cemented your legacy by exiting with grace. Bon chance, Monsieur Armstrong.



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