Blogger + Deer Park = A Shaky Marriage (for Now)

August 6, 2005


I’ve been using the Deer Park nightly builds (i.e., Firefox 1.5) for several weeks. Up until recently, I’ve been thrilled by these builds. But in the past week, I’ve had to struggle with the nightlies and Blogger.

As the image (to the right) shows, the Create post form appears to be rendered wholly inappropriately. I am sure that this will get fixed quickly. But I guess it’s a minor inconvenience when you’re living on the edge.

In order to validate that it was a Deer Park issue, I started to use IE to post some of my recent thoughts. And IE rendered the Blogger pages quite accurately. But I can’t use the Technorati Tags for Greasemonkey that I am so fond of. Fortunately, I did run across a good Javascript/bookmarklet to use in its place. Improbulus has a great article on Blogger, Technorati tags and bookmarklets. It can be found on her blog (titled “A Consuming Experience”).




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One Comment on “Blogger + Deer Park = A Shaky Marriage (for Now)”

  1. Improbulus Says:

    Hi there, thanks for the mention and the link, and I’m glad my blog was of some help!


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