Technorati To Be Sold?

August 12, 2005


I just noted on BL Ochman’s “What’s Next” blog that Technorati may be “in play.” Scoble has also linked to BL’s entry and sent a query off to Dave Sifry. So time will tell. This could be simple speculation. Or it could be a way of boosting “buzz” before/during a transaction. Or it could be true. Actually, I would love to see Technorati’s approach incorporated into either Yahoo or Google. Either way, Technorati will once again be in the news. That will place tagging and folksonomies back onto center stage in tech news.




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2 Comments on “Technorati To Be Sold?”

  1. Tom Raftery Says:

    The timing of rumour this is interesting – News Corp just announced they are about to buy a search engine ( – would Dave sell out to Rupert Murdoch? Say it isn’t so Dave!


  2. CyclingRoo Says:

    Interesting spin. So are you asserting that Rupert is buying Technorati or someone bigger? I had seen your speculation about Rupert before. And it has some merit. But if you are right, is Dave generating the spin to increase the price? Gosh, I hope not. This weeks Worldcom sentences leave a bad taste in my mouth. I certainly hope folks aren’t spiking the punch! šŸ˜‰


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