Doctor Who 2005

September 4, 2005


This has been an interesting holiday weekend for me. I’ve had a lot to do. And I have a lot left to do. But I decided to also spend a few hours and catch up on the BBC’s new Doctor Who series. After seeing all of the chatter on the web for the last few months, I thought I’d dip in and sample the series. I have only one word for Mr. Davies’ new series: Wow! And that is followed by a few more words: when can we Yanks see the episodes broadcast here?

I have watched Doctor Who for many years. In the seventies, I saw some of Jon Pertwee’s episodes. In the eighties, the local PBS affiliate played the entire Tom Baker series. And in the nineties, I was able to see some of the Colin Baker episodes. So I’ve seen many episodes of many Doctors. And my love of the series has spanned three decades.

But when the BBC announced the new Doctor, I was thrilled – and saddened. I was thrilled to know that the Doctor would once again travel through space and time. But I was saddened that Doctor Who fans in the U.S. would not see these episodes for several years. I was thrilled that we would see a ninth Doctor – but saddened that the Daleks had been destroyed in the great Time War.

But I have been fortunate enough to see the ninth Doctor in action. And this series has been overwhelming! Every Doctor has had his own unique mannerisms. And each Doctor has had a great story arc. Well, the ninth Doctor is no exception. This season was primarily written and produced by Russell Davies. And the new Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) has been wonderful. His latest companion, Rose (played by Billie Piper), has been both beautiful and engaging. And this companion has been given unprecedented “access” to the heart of the TARDIS itself.

I will not do a complete season review. Great web sites (like Outpost Gallifrey) have already done that. But my comments are simple. I loved this series. The actors were marvellous, the story was crisp and well planned. And I really loved the entire Bad Wolf theme carried out throughout the season. And, as much as I hate to admit it, I really liked the Captain Jack subplot. It put a strange (and new) spin on an old series. I sure hope Rose and the Doctor go back for Jack. Leaving him behind would be like leaving K9 behind!

Finally, I have one question for the BBC: when can we Yanks buy the DVD’s for this season? If I can’t get the broadcast, I’d buy the DVD.


P.S. For those interest in next year’s series, the secret word just might be “Torchwood.” And one enterprising fan has laid out a script premise whereby Adam ends up working at the Torchwood Institute and is responsible for the rebirth of the Cybermen.


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