Morning Grind #13

September 22, 2005


It’s been a couple of days since my last post. Boy are things a tad hectic around here. So here is the single-shot version of the morning grind:

  • I’ve gone back to nightly builds for Firefox. While I try and check out the release candidates, I think I’m addicted to the edge. So I’m off the wagon and back onto daily doses of updates.
  • I’m now using Greasemonkey 0.62. The current version supports the latest builds of Deer Park – so I’m happy once again. You can get it at the Greaseblog, or you can joing the mailing list and really stay current.
  • I’m finally used to the Greasemonkey icon and the features that are now surfaced there. I can now just left click on the smiling icon and see which scripts are active and which ones were applied to the page I’m currently browsing. It’s very nice.
  • I’m still not used to the new way that RSS and Live Bookmarks are presented. I got used to seeing the RSS icon in the lower right status bar. Now, the icon (and subscription actions) are available on the URL address bar. I’ll just have to get used to it.
  • There’s a new iTunes version (5.0.1) available. I don’t know the functional details yet. I’m assuming it’s a bugfix version with a few gizmos for the iPod nano. Details will follow.
  • Hurricane Rita is gonna be huge. I pray for the people who will be affected by it. I pray for the people who are stubbornly refusing to leave. I think that many folks would have stayed around – except for the devastation they saw with Katrina. Let’s hope this storm gets weaker as it approaches. And let’s hope everyone is ready. God, please bless those preparing for this catastrophe.



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