We’re On A Mission From God

October 29, 2005


The past few weeks have been disheartening. While Harriet Miers is a fine lawyer and an able administrator, no one will ever know what kind of a constitutional jurist she will be. I hope that this odd footnote to history will be both a learning and a growing experience for her – and for us.

It’s time to move on – Jake and Elwood style!

I won’t recount the torrent of blog posts typified by folks like Hugh Hewitt or our spirited Captain. I could opine about this for quite some time. But that’s not what we need. We need a uniter and not a divider. And we are looking for the band to get back together.

I’ve missed the unity and the sense of purpose we have all felt. So it really is time to get the band back together. Like Jake and Elwood, we’ve done our time – and it wasn’t fun. It’s time to get the music playing. Yes, we will probably end up in a few country music cages (like the Judiciary Committee hearings), but it will be fun – and we’ll be back together again.

President Bush, I respectfully request that you resume your role as the uniter and not the divider. Bring the band back together and nominate someone who will unite the band. We respect and honor everything you’ve accomplished thus far. And we will stand behind you. But please nominate a strict originalist. Don’t appoint a legislator. And don’t appoint a stealth candidate. Please appoint someone with a clear record and a firm and unwavering voice. We will support you. You made the right choice regarding bringing democracy to the Middle East. And you stood fast despite the withering criticism from the left – and from our allies. But you chose wisely and properly – and we supported you because of your firm resolve and moral clarity. We pledge ourselves to do so again. Bring the band back together.




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