And the Beat Goes On

The drumbeat of outrage against Sony is still growing. You don’t have to look very far to see a plethora of links that vary from apologetic to derisive. I won’t link to all of them, but I did find one worth noting. The Washington Post is now reporting that the Sony removal tools (both the patch and full removal tool) install an ActiveX control (called CodeSupport) that is inherently unsafe. Ed Felten (from Freedom to Tinker) recommends that no one should use the Sony uninstall tools.

Well, I didn’t even wait for confirmation. I decided that I didn’t need CodeSupport before I installed the Sony rootkit. So I figured I wouldn’t need it after I uninstalled the roottkit. I used Spybot S&D to remove it (using the Advanced Mode -> Tools -> ActiveX widget).

And then the good news came… According to USA Today, Sony will also replace the “infected” CD with a new (and hopefully uninfected) CD. It’s never too late to show sincere remorse and take the necessary steps to remedy the injury that has been caused. Let’s hope that Sony seeks out the injured customers rather than trying to hide from them.


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