The Six Words of Doctor Who

December 28, 2005


It’s been a few days since my last post. Christmas break has been wonderful. It’s been both a gift and a challenge. The gifts: family, friends, good health, a new job. The challenges: transition between jobs, health challenges (serious, but not critical), and a continuing wait for the new Doctor Who episode.

OK. That last challenge got solved today. I just watched “The Christmas Invasion” and it was wonderful. Since I’m not a seasoned critic of the arts, I won’t try and write some mellifluous review that leaps from your screen. Instead, I’ll give you bullets and teasers:

– I love the new Doctor. Christopher was great. But David Tennant may be even better. It will be wonderful to see how Rose and the new Doctor interact. It was wonderful to see them holding hands at the end of this episode.

– The dialog and character development for Mickey were welcome. He is no longer a one-dimensional, love-sick puppy. Without thinking, he defended Rose and Jackie against the deadly Christmas tree! Unfortunately, he is still a bit of a weenie when it comes to Rose. What did she ever see in a guy like this?

– The Sycorax were great. It will be wonderful to see how a war breaks out with this race, now that the Earth has destroyed one of their vessels.

– I love the Torchwood stuff. It will be fun to see how Captain Jack gets integrated into this spinoff. In the meantime, Earth now has cool, pale green energy weapons.

– The special effects were every bit as good as the first season.

– The prop to Arthur Dent and The Hitchhiker’s Guide was great!

– I do like the Doctor in tweed. In fact, the scene where he was picking his new outfit was priceless.

– This Doctor has a very nasty streak. He didn’t give the Sycorax champion an inch. Indeed, he killed him when he could have simply defeated him. This Doctor is a little darker and somewhat more brooding – at least, that’s my early read on him. It will be fun to see this develop – especially against the Cybermen.

– It was wonderful to see how Harriet Jones was handled. She was an MP in last season’s episodes (which featured the Slitheen). She has become PM – and she demonstrated a really strong will and possibly a really cold heart. After the Doctor defeats the Sycorax champion, Jones orders the destruction of the Sycorax ship – as it was retreating. The Doctor’s reply was quite simple: “Don’t challenge me, Harriet Jones. ‘Cause I’m a completely new man. I could bring down your government with a single word. No you’re right, not a single word. Just six. Six words. Six. […] ‘Don’t you think she looks tired?'” This Doctor may surprise all of us.

I can’t wait for the spring and the resumption of Doctor Who. I just wish BBC America would show the Doctor!




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