Sprint PPC-6700 Gets an Upgrade

March 18, 2006

Mobile Phone, Technology

I am in love with my new Sprint PPC6700. I loved this device when I first saw it in the R&D labs at Srpint. And I’m enjoying it even more now that I am a user. I won’t bore you with a review. There are dozens of those around the web. And the device is a few months old. So if you want the absolute “latest” features, this may not be the device for you. But after two weeks, I can truly say that I love this phone.

And the phone just got better. A new firmware update has been released. This new update is available from Sprint here (and select Windows CE as the OS). The upgrade includes a couple of nice improvements. First, the Messaging & Security Feature Pack now supports push technology. That means that mail arrives on your phone when it is available on your corporate email server (assuming your server supports this feature). Second, this firmware provides support for A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). That means that stereo Bluetooth headsets now function appropriately. Woot! Finally, there are a bunch of performance improvements and bug fixes.

This upgrade is well worth the effort. If you want to perform the upgrade yourself, then you should backup your data or have access to your computer in order to perform a total resync – as this upgrade will wipe out your existing data. I had little problem performing the upgrade. But the whole process took about two hours (flash + reload of data and apps). It was worth my time. But if you don’t have the time or the technical confidence, just drop by a Sprint store. They will do the upgrade for you.




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