Vista Is Sweeter: One Build at a Time

April 25, 2006


It was another wonderful Vista weekend. On Saturday, I loaded Vista Build 5365.8. Based upon all the information I can assemble, this build will become the next EDW (i.e., externally available) build of the product. And it merits that distinction. It is a generally stable and feature-complete build. Here is a brief list of the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good

  • Everything that worked before is still working now. I am glad. Regression errors are pretty darned pesky. So ensuring that fixes remain fixed is pretty pivotal.
  • M4 hardware detection and driver installation is getting very close to flawless. The video drivers installed flawlessly. I don’t have any Bluetooth devices. Consequently, I can’t give you any feedback on whether the BT issues have been resolved. There are a couple of unknown devices that still remain, but things are now very usable (w/o intervention).
  • Windows Mobile connections (and ActiveSync) all appear to be working nominally.
  • Once I joined the domain, I did receive the appropriate digital certificates. That means that wireless connections to our corporate LAN now operate w/o any additional action. Yippee!! My previous problems were almost certainly related to being on an interim and/or less stable build.
  • IT Communications Manager (our VPN into the corporate network) works with this build. This is fabulous. I can now connect from at home w/o booting to XP.

The Bad

  • I’m still having trouble with the audio drivers. But, as noted before, you can simply load the XP drivers as they work without a problem.

The Ugly

  • When I swap video modes, I run into all sorts of video problems. The screen does not render images properly and I generally need to switch users or logoff and log back on in order to resolve the display issues that arise.

So what am I going to do? Well, I think I’m going to run on this build as my default build – at least, for now. All of the standard apps (Office, Groove, OneNote, Office Communicator, and the IE applets I use) seem to work. I still have to try Siebel (our corporate CRM). But beyond that, things are looking pretty darned good for a Beta 2 in a couple of weeks.




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