Davies Brought Back “The Shooty Dog Thing”

April 30, 2006


Russell T. Davies should get a medal from the Queen. While the Time Lords could live beyond a single lifetime through a process known as regeneration, Mr. Davies has done something far beyond their capacity: he has resuscitated this timeless series. And while the ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) was a great new Doctor for a new generation, David Tennant (under Mr. Davies’ writing) is just as wonderful.

So far this season, we’ve seen talking cats (that were dressed as nuns), werewolves, and now “bat-things” who want to become gods. And they are willing to bribe Time Lords and despoil school children to make this happen. The writing in the first three episodes has been magnificent. Each new episode has gotten better. And this third episode is now one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes ever.

Why? That’s simple. Two of the first companions I ever saw were Sarah Jane and K9. And in this episode, we see both of them. And we also see something uniquely witty and wonderful: the transformation of Mickey. Just as K9 was more than the “tin dog” for Sarah Jane, Mickey maybe come more than the doe-eyed, puppy dog that follows Rose around. He became a man – and he may become a companion (if even for a short time).

I can’t wait to see each new episode. I sure hope that the Sci-Fi channel will pick this series up as well as last year’s episodes!


BTW, the name “Torchwood” can also be found in this episode. So it’s now three for three.


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