My Seinfeld Week

December 7, 2008

Family, Technology

A Post About Nothing

A Post About Nothing

I look for a weekly theme each time I make a post to this site.  And this weekend, I feel like I’m writing a Seinfeld episode; I’m writing a post about nothing – or at least nothing in particular.

This week has been incredibly busy, though I couldn’t say that I accomplished anything very substantive.

  • I’ve been busy at work trying to shepherd an application into production.  And while I’ve been busy ironing out firewall rules, database schemas, and system administration processes, I still feel like there hasn’t been a big “win” this week.
  • I’ve fiddled with lots of widgets, gizmos, and doodads for the home system.  This includes: a new version of Songbird, a beta version of Vista SP2, switching from Windows Media Player to the VLC Media Player, changing desktop themes and backgrounds, switching from Twhirl to Tweetdeck, and a host of minor (and utterly unmemorable) other changes.
  • Adam and I spent a couple of nights ironing out his winter schedule.  On Tuesday, we went to a lacrosse planning meeting.  I am really excited to see Tanner Briggs taking on the coaching responsibilities for the Shawnee Mission Lacrosse club.  And Adam is really focused on having a good year and propelling the team to a league chamionship win.
  • On Wednesday, Adam and I went to a basketball planning meeting.  This is an odd thing because Adam could be on the school’s basketball team.  But he has some fundamental disagreements with the coaching staff at SMS.  So he’s decided not to try out for the school team.  Instead, he is organizing a team for the local boys basketball league.  Traditionally, this league is preparatory for the high school programs.  But this year, they are having a high school league – for kids who aren’t on their high school teams.  And Adam has asked me to be the coach.  I am honored – and perplexed.  I know little about basketball – except what I’ve picked up from my kids.  And I am legally blind.  So I won’t be able to call any plays from the sidelines.  I think this may actually be why he asked me.  I believe that this team will be his winter lark.  OK, I’ll accept that – especially since last winter’s lark landed him in trouble with the law!  So everyone will get a few posts about the blind coach.  Maybe there is a television script in this venture/fiasco.
  • Cindy and I went to her company’s Christmas party.  I loved the fact that a real minister had a real invocation “in Jesus’ name.”  Way to go!  Call me old-fashioned.  But I am unashamed to admit that Christmas is about the Christ (not the presents and deorations).  If someone is offended by prayers in Jesus’ name, they shouldn’t be at a Christmas party.  And I got a bonus out of this party: I had to get a new two-piece suit.  It looks sharp – despite the person wearing it.  😉
  • My second daughter had a good game on Friday night.  She even got interviewed on Atlanta radio.  She finally seems to be getting in a groove.  I’m still praying that her teammates start giving her the ball a little more.

So I am back to the point where I began this post.  I really don’t have a nugget of wisdom to share or a specific topic to highlight.  I don’t even have an inspirational anecdote to share.  Instead, I am left wondering why I have not been able to focus on something crisp and pithy.  But I think that this is true of most of life.  It’s not always about meeting a goal and achieving some grand purpose.  Instead, it is about doing the things that need to be done for yourself and the ones you love.



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