“You’re Crazy, Man. You’re Absolutely Crazy”

December 16, 2008



I heard these words while I was making coffee here at the office (in downtown KC).  A colleague asked me if I rode my bike this morning.  I get that question a lot during the winter.  But today, I’m getting it from everyone.

Today, it’s 10° F.  And it’s snowing.  There is less than an inch on the un-plowed surfaces.  But it is all powder.  I didn’t hit any icy patches on my ride.  They did call for sleet before the snow, but we were spared that challenge.  But back to the story…

I told my colleague that I did indeed ride my bike.  And I told him that it was a lot of fun.  I love it when it snows.  Everything is so quiet and still.  All of the normal background noises all seem to hold their breath while the frozen wonder accumulates.  But I digress…

Per my normal routine, I got up and showered.  I figured I’d better have extra layers.  So I pulled on my silk undergarments.  [Yes, they are long johns, if you must know.]  Silk is amazing as an insulator.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather wear when it gets really cold.  Once I pulled on all my layers, i woke the dogs and we went out on our morning walk.

Wow, the snow was so beautiful.  And the dogs loved the time outside.  They jumped and rolled in the snow like little children.  They pulled on their collars and they wrestled with each other.  And they were cold.  I could feel the cold on my face.  Fortunately, everything else was covered.  But all they had was fur.  After about fifteen minutes, they were done playing and wanted nothing more of the snow.  They are so very much like children.

We went back inside and I got them some food and fresh water.  They were very eager diners this morning; they both got right down to the task of cleaning up their bowls.  They didn’t even bother to notice the cats that were taunting them from the dining room table.

So while they feasted, I folded up my work clothes and stuffed them in the backpack.  I didn’t even have a chance to log in and check the weather before I left.  I just grabbed my reflective gear and helmet and I hit the road.  I figured I ought to leave early, just in case the roads were dicey and I needed to walk some of the way.

But the roads were great.  There was about a half-inch of snow on the streets.  It was just enough to make that crunchy sound when the weight of my bike (and my fat ass) pressed down on it.  But I had plenty of traction.  And there were very few motorists to deal with.  So the ride was still, quiet and very white.

When I got to the bus stop, I turned off my lights and waited.  And as always, Noah showed up in no time at all.  He had his mountain bike rig.  So he was having fun in the snow.  He stopped by fishtailing his bike and trying to throw up some snow.  But the snow is a little wet for that kind of fun.  Nevertheless, I could tell he was really enjoying himself.

The bus ride from the mall to downtown was uneventful.  So was the ride to Starbucks from the bus.  The parking lot was virtually empty when I pulled into the office.  I locked my bike and went to the men’s locker room.  Once I changed my clothes, I headed up to make coffee.  The floor was quite empty when I dropped off my bag at my desk.  So I had a quiet few moments to make some coffee.

And that’s when he asked the question.  And my simple affirmative response was met with, “You’re crazy, man.  You’re absolutely crazy.”  I grinned.  And I realized that what seemed quite simple and joyful to me was a marvel to this person.  I am sure that there are any number of things that this man does that would seem to be marvelous to me.  He may paint.  Or he may be a carpenter.  He may coach his kids sports teams. Or he may take care of an elderly parent.  All of these things are positively marvelous.

But he saw my simple routine and marveled at it.  I was quite astonished by this – and a little bit humbled.  We have such a wonderful world.  And I was hand-made by the God who created these wonders.  And better still, he trusts me (and all of my fellow dwellers on this spinning rock) to be his faithful stewards of this planet full of wonders.    I awoke to the still and the quiet of a beautiful snowfall.  And God whispered in my ear.  And when I finished all my normal “start-up” activities, He spoke to me again – through a co-worker.  And his words were simple: “You’re crazy, man.  You’re absolutely crazy.”  And I imagined Him laughing with delight.  Thanks, Lord.  I’ll take that as a crazy compliment!



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One Comment on ““You’re Crazy, Man. You’re Absolutely Crazy””

  1. Bob Anderson Says:

    Yes, you are crazy, my friend, but what else is new? It is cold here this AM, only 54 degrees but supposed to warm up to 74 this afternoon so I may walk the beach.
    My best to you and your friends and family this holiday season. Jacksonville, FL


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