Sharpening Focus for Windows 7

March 15, 2009


windows-7-7057It’s the middle of March and it looks like the Windows 7 Release Candidate will be out in a month or so.  The first beta has been a tremendously positive step for Microsoft.  The beta was kept open for almost a month – principally due to customer demand.  And the reviews have been uniformly positive.

And as most of you know, I’ve been very bullish on Windows 7.  By and large, I have used the beta on my primary home system since the first weekend that is was available.  But I’ve had a couple of problems.  First, I haven’t been able to get a HomeGroup setup.  That hasn’t been a big deal since I don’t have any other systems at home using Windows 7.  Second, I’ve had real problems with Media Center.  In particular, I haven’t been able to download a media Guide since I installed the beta.

Thankfully, my tests of current builds indicate that Microsoft has resolved these problems – and a host of other problems.  I can create a HomeGroup now, although it requires me to use IPV6 to do so.  Since I’m using a custom firmware build and there are a bunch of XP and Vista systems that are also part of my home network, I won’t keep IPV6 going.  I just don’t want to introduce any network instability at this time.

More importantly, my Windows Media Center troubles are now a thing of the past.  I can now download the guide to my heart’s content.  This makes me quite happy.  And there are a whole lot of fit-and-finish issues that have been polished in the meantime.  In short, I am very confident that Windows 7 will be (or should be) generally available sometime this summer.  Indeed, Windows 7 is more ready to be released than Vista was when it was released.  Yes, there are things that need to be fixed.  And I am quite confident that the Windows team will get them addressed.




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