Those Who Refuse To Learn From History

April 9, 2010


Dear Senators,

One of the most important powers that our Founding Fathers vested into the Presidency was the power to establish and manage relationships with foreign powers. That power specifically includes the negotiation of treaties between our nation and foreign nations. But that power is not unlimited. Indeed, our Constitution specifically ensures that international treaties must be ratified by 2/3 of the Senate. This power ensures that the President cannot conduct foreign affairs without the overwhelming consent of the most deliberative body in our legislature. Just as importantly, the power of the Senate flows from the citizens of each state. Hence, all treaties must have the overwhelming approval of the states (and their representatives).

Given these facts, I implore you to carefully consider whether or not you will support the most recent nuclear arms treaties between the US and Russia. I have been a voting citizen for more than thirty (30) years. And in that time, we have lived under constant threat by foreign powers – including Russia. But throughout that time, we have been protected because our adversaries knew that we could and would use unimaginable force in response to direct attacks upon our nation. Indeed, our entire defense posture has been based upon the fact that our adversaries didn’t know if their actions might provoke an irrevocable response. The fear of such a response was the deterrent against direct hostile action.

However, this new treaty threatens the delicate balancing act that protects us. This treaty (and the policy delivered in association to the treaty) threaten us because we are going on record saying how and when we will respond. Indeed, the basis of the new policies seems to be that we will not respond (with our nuclear force) even in the face of chemical or biological assaults on our nation.

I’m a simple person. And if a bully knows you won’t respond to an assault, then that bully is more apt to assault you. Indeed, bullies (and tin-pot dictators) only respond to force and threats of force. In fact, most military scholars note that Europe might have avoided the Second World War altogether had European nations met the challenge of Adolph Hitler with force rather than weakness. Neville Chamberlain was wrong then. Let’s not try and repeat the mistakes that he made – especially when the possibility of unimaginable death tolls are a potential outcome. Look at what a small group of terrorists did to New York City and to the nation’s capital using two airplanes and several tanks of jet fuel. Consider the kind of civilian death toll that an emboldened terrorist group might be able to generate using NBC capabilities.

As a citizen who is counting upon the US government to protect myself and my family against all threats, I implore you to vote against this ill-advised treaty/policy.


Lorin Olsen
“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7



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