My Black Beauty

October 30, 2010


I have gotten more than a few notes chiding me for not showing pics of my new girl (see above).  She is a 2011 Surly LHT.  And I really love the black paint job and accoutrements.  I’m still waiting for a front rack.  But otherwise, she is outfitted with everything I need.  I especially love the kickstand!

As a steel bike, the ride is wonderfully smooth.  She takes potholes, road cracks and the occasional road repair efforts with ease.  And the new rear lighting system (including a Topeak UFO light and a Blackburn Flea) ensures that I am completely visible while riding in the dark (at dawn and dusk).

I’m debating what comes next (after the arrival of the front rack).  It might be different pedals or a new front lighting system.  But both will wait for another six months or so.  In the meantime, the next objective will be to pay the balance on a bicycle commuting jacket and a pair of platform shoes.  But for now, me and my girl are having a wonderful ride to and from work.


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2 Comments on “My Black Beauty”

  1. teknophilia Says:

    How are the lights? I’ve been looking for a good lighting system for riding at night, but most of the ones I’ve seen have gotten poor reviews.


    • cyclingroo Says:

      I use two rear lights as neither is sufficient by itself. I have the UFO attached to my seat post. It is bright enough to be distracting. I have the Blackburn Flea attached to the rear pocket on my left pannier. I have it on a flasher (just like the UFO). Together, I can be seen by approaching traffic. And the fact that they are a few feet apart ensures that there is some 3-D contrast that may help motorists gain some sense of distance from me.

      For a front light, I use a NiteRider. But I have put a 5W bulb in the light (rather than the stock 4W bulb). It does drain the light a little faster. But I have enough juice to get to/from the office. And the extra brightness does help me avoid the otherwise unseen pothole that lurks just beyond a normal light.

      That said, I think I’m going to crack open the battery carrier and replace the Li-ion batteries with new cells. That will really help the burn rate as my unit is almost four years old.


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