Why Use Tor?

December 19, 2010

Faith, Politics, Security, Technology

So why should you use Tor?

That’s a good question.  First, you need to know what Tor does.  I find that simple descriptions are often the best.  So here is my simple version of what Tor is: Tor is a means of tunneling specific messages (i.e., traffic) through an anonymous (and reasonably secure) network.  Wikipedia describes it here.

Many people look at Tor and ask why is such a thing needed?  Their questions presuppose that they trust the networks that they communicate across.  Most folks think Tor is just for copyright violators, organized criminals or other unsavory netizens.  But that is both too simplistic and too trusting.  Tor is for anyone who needs to ensure that their communications across the network remain anonymous and/or secured.

Let’s consider a real-world example.  There are many nations that do not allow for the Bible to even be carried .  Further, many countries routinely persecute and prosecute people that publicly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  But the gospel cannot be silenced by mere mortals.  There are men and women who have always been willing to share the Word of God regardless of the cost to themselves.

And throughout the world, tyrannical governments seek to squelch opposition by monitoring the communications of their citizens.  Indeed, you could easily argue that the majority of people in the world are being “watched” by the very governments that should defend their liberties.

Like the early Christians in ancient Rome, there will always be those who stand for truth and justice rather than simply obey corrupt civil authorities.  And in these nations, tools that help maintain the anonymity of persecuted citizens are very important tools indeed.

If you don’t believe that this was true for our nation, then ask yourself why so many of our founding fathers used pseudonyms for their writings.  Indeed, even the authors of the Federalist papers used pseudonyms – although not just for the sake of anonymity.


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One Comment on “Why Use Tor?”

  1. Marylada Says:

    Big help, big help. And speuraltvie news of course.


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