KCCC, Here I Come!

May 8, 2011


If you follow my Twitter stream, then you already know that I will be competing in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge (KCCC) bike race.  I hesitate to predict how well (or poorly) that I will do.  But I will be in the race.  And I am so pumped about it.

Since the start of the year, I’ve logged about 2000 miles of bicycle commuting.  I’ve also lost over thirty-five pounds of dead weight.  I’m not at my ideal weight yet.  But I am in better shape than I’ve been for almost five years. And I’ve been training on “Black Beauty” (my Surly Long Haul trucker).

Black Beauty is a delicious beast.  But she is a Clydesdale built for a Clydesdale.  While I am making excellent progress towards my goals, she is not what I need for KCCC.  I need light weight and sheer pedal power.  So I’ve spent some time (and a few sovereigns) getting my other beauty into shape.

To meet the need for speed, I got my Trek 2300 serviced and returned last week.  I replaced a well-worn chain.  And I had the whole drive train serviced.  I also replaced the pedals with new SPD SL pedals.  [Note: Next time I do this, I won’t change pedals because I’m having some trouble getting accustomed to the new attachment system.  Hopefully, I’ll get it down before Wednesday.]   Almost as important, I was greeted with an excellent surprise last Friday: I had hit my pre-race weight loss goal.

So I hope that I am ready.  My goal is to get a top ten finish in the fifty-plus age bracket.  That goal is within reach.  But I do covet everyone’s prayers on the matter.  I always worry on group starts.  My eyes really do make a difference at the start.  And since the race is relatively short, a bad start may just doom my hopes.

But whatever happens, I am so glad that I am competing.  I am happy and healthy about the race.  And I’ll get points for the team no matter how I finish.  But I really do want to achieve my personal goal.  Pray that I can win the all important mental battle against my own doubts and fears.


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