T-6: We Truly Thank God (and We Covet Your Prayers)

May 15, 2011

Bicycling, Faith, Family

Today is the beginning of a new week.  This week, my eldest daughter will be getting married.  And while I want to say that we aren’t having “Father of the Bride” moments around here, I can’t say that.  Indeed, it has been unimaginably hectic.  I won’t go through the whole list, but here are the highlights:

  • Dana got home from California Baptist earlier this week.  She’s here, but she has a few more loose ends before we can claim success on her degree.  She turned in one assignment that the professor can’t find  And the professor is being a stickler about it.  So she is currently receiving an incomplete mark – and she won’t be getting her degree.  Yikes!  It will get worked out.  But does it have to be now?
  • This week featured my very first cycling competition.  I’ve done plenty of long rides.  And I’ve done many charity rides.  But the 2011 KCCC bike race was my very first official competition.  At fifty-years, I’m finally competing.  Some might think it’s a little late to start racing.  But I think it’s so very appropriate.  BTW, I did well.  I exceeded almost all of my personal goals.  But I ended the race with a lot of fuel left in the tank.  I chalk that up to not checking out the course beforehand – and not understanding that the start was like a time trial.  Next time, I will do so much better.  But I did get sixth place.  So the team got points towards the team competition.
  • Adam got home from school on Friday.  He informed us that he failed a class.  That is something I have a tough time swallowing – especially since it was because he didn’t follow directions on his final assignment.  I was polite – but rather harsh with him.  I don’t have money for childish thoughtlessness.  I’m too old for that.  So I gave him the “man up” speech.  And then we had to move on to the next issue/calamity.
  • Adam has brought his dog home for the summer.  The dog is a bull mastiff.  And he likes to chew shoes – including wedding shoes.  And the dog is not completely house-trained.  OK, he’s not at all house-trained.  The dog is fun. But he is a walking invitation to more disorder in the Olsen domicile.
  • Adam is going through a series of dating transitions.  I don’t envy him.  And I am praying for him.  My hope is that he chooses to act like the real man that we both know he is capable of becoming.
  • Bailey came home for the weekend.  She had a huge wedding shower this weekend.  [Note: Her marriage is in July.  And this shower was hosted by her in-laws.]  She still has all of her finals to finish.  So she is studying and writing “thank you” notes.  With all of the hullabaloo around here, she has such an amazing spirit.  I pray that her example will be an inspiration to me.
  • Meredith and Josh arrived in KC yesterday afternoon.  Wow, her current difficulties are awe-inspiring.  On Thursday and Friday, she and Josh (and friends) packed a moving van in Houston.  At 1AM yesterday morning, someone tried to break into the van.  That is the third robbery in three weeks.  Meredith was really glad to leave Houston.
  • Given the fear and frustration that they felt with yet another robbery attempt, they decided to leave as early as possible – and they hit the road at 3AM. They drove for thirteen hours to make it to KC by 4PM yesterday.  Adam and I helped hem unload the trailer at her soon-to-be in-laws house.
  • After a robbery, thirteen hours of driving, and unpacking a trailer, we had to go to the clothing store for final fittings.  Everyone’s things were ready – except for the groom’s.  He has some last-minute alterations that need to be done.  BTW, Josh is so amazingly cool about all of this.  Despite being in the exact same situations that my daughter was in, he demonstrated a depth of patience beyond his years.  I am so very grateful that he will be marrying my daughter.  They are excellent counter-balances for one another.
  • We took a deep breath, got some noodles (at the Noodle Company) and then headed home to pick up Adam’s new friend.  She is a nursing student at PSU.  And she is a very amiable young woman.  I must admit that Adam does seem to have some sense when it comes to friends.
  • Most of the extended clan was home last night.  And most of us sat down as a family to watch the latest Harry Potter film on the Blu-Ray player.  It is a good movie.  And it was nice to have a relaxing respite.
  • Challenges like these are manageable, if everyone keeps a good perspective.  Yesterday was not my day to demo good behavior.  I’d been feeling a little sorry for myself.  And yesterday I felt like I deserved better from the day.  Instead, I really needed to learn a lesson in humility and patience.  I got the lesson.  But not until after I had made the entire morning rather frustrating for everyone else.  For this, I am truly sorry.  I need to be demonstrating the love and patience of my heavenly Father.  Please pray that I can do better today.
  • Mom (i.e., my amazing mother-in-law) will be coming here on Tuesday.  Andi (my sweet sister-in-law) will be here on Friday.  The house is already crowded.  But I am so pumped to have these challenges.  It will be wonderful to have so many friends and family around – if only for a few days.
  • I still need to finalize my words for the wedding.  If you didn’t know it, I’ll be walking a bride down the aisle.  Then I’ll have to keep walking and take my place as the wedding officiant.  Pray that I can set aside my personal words and that I can speak the words that the Lord wants my children to hear.

With so much activity, it is easy to miss out on the “big picture” items.  I pray that I can always remember how much my Lord cares about me.  And He truly cares about the details, not just the “big picture” things.  I need to trust Him in all things – because He is always trustworthy.


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