T-2: It’s Thursday – But Saturday’s Coming

May 19, 2011

Faith, Family

With a nod (and a slight twist) to the author of the spiritual motif, I must proclaim that Saturday’s a ‘comin’.

There is so much going on here at Chez Roo.  There is a never-ending stream of activity – some of it is even related to the wedding.  At the same time, there is such a din of distraction with almost all of the kids coming home.  Tonight, Bailey will be done with her classes at KU.  And tomorrow, Andi will be arriving.  People are doing all sorts of last minute prep – including me.

But at this very moment, it is quite still.  I’ve done some minor chores for some of the other kids.  And I’ve done a little more prep for the ceremony.  I still need to call the audio company to validate the delivery of equipment.  But things are silent here in my home.  The ladies are all out doing last minute things.  And it’s just me and the dogs – and a sleeping son.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the dog with the digestive distress.  Puppies can sure be messy!

And in these moments of silence, I need to be thankful for all that God has blessed me with.  I need to thank Him for my wife.  I need to thank Him for Meredith.  I need to thank Him for Joshua.  I need to thank Him for all of the kids as they help out with the wedding.  I need to thank Him for my mother-in-law.

But most importantly, I need to thank Him for who He is.  God, you are my all in all.  May every thought that I think give honor to You.  May every word that I speak proclaim Your uniqueness, Your majesty, Your power and Your mercy.  And may every action that I take be in accordance with Your will for me.  May I shout of Your excellence from every mountaintop and from every valley.  You are worthy to be praised!


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One Comment on “T-2: It’s Thursday – But Saturday’s Coming”

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