Google+ Is Changing The Way I Blog

Google+ is already affecting the way that I blog – at least, a little bit.  I really want people to be able to use +1 for my blog posts.  And I didn’t see the GetSocial folks solving this issue any time soon.  So I started to look around and see if there was any native way to accomplish the same thing.

Fortunately, the folks at WordPress are now including +1 as part of their sharing options.  So I’ve activated the new sharing options and I’ve edited posts for July to eliminate the GetSocial code.   The new sharing options are neater.  And they include only a few options (i.e., +1, Twitter and Facebook).

In addition, I’ve decided to clean up some of my publishing options.  In the past, I had Friendfeed sucking in all of my events and posting content notices to Twitter and Facebook.  Since WordPress can publish these notices for you, I have decided to abandon Friendfeed (i.e., Facebook) as the publishing agency for my blog.  This should make for a cleaner transition all the way around.

With these changes, I may be able to post more frequently.  I certainly won’t have to insert canned code into every post.  Therefore, I can use my phone to post most of the content I might otherwise have ignored.  Maybe there will even be a few more posts from me.  I certainly hope so.





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