My Phone, The Chew Toy

July 21, 2011

Faith, Family, Mobile Phone, Personal

It’s marred and unseemly… but it still functions.

These words will haunt me for awhile. When I got up at 4:30, I really  didn’t want to get moving. But my life has mission and purpose. So I  got up and got prepared for the morning commute.

Everything was progressing to plan until I went to disconnect my phone  from the charger. Alas, there was no phone there. I worried that I  might have left the phone at Cheddars last night. But I dismissed that  thought and proceeded to hunt the phone down.  I called my mobile phone  from the house phone. After three or four rings, I heard the phone  vibrating. I chased down the sound.

When I found the phone, I was disheartened. The phone was in my wife’s  chair in the family room. The protective case was utterly destroyed.  And the phone itself has scratches and bite marks. Apparently, my 19  year old son’s 75 pound puppy had decided that my phone was a chew  toy. He had disconnected my smartphone from the wall and carried it to  the family room while I was asleep.

I was furious. Since everyone else was asleep, I restrained the urge  to utter a primal scream. I settled myself and finished preparing for  the morning commute. Then I hit the road, I was white hot. And that’s  when God began to speak to my heart.

I wanted to rage. He calmed my heart. I wanted to punish the puppy.  God reminded me that the puppy didn’t know any better. I wanted to  have harsh words with my son. God reminded me that my son is a lot  like the puppy… a whole lot like the puppy.

I was finally cooling down a bit. I then started to think about  replacing the phone. My anger swelled. Then I thought about cool new  replacements. And that’s when the real lesson began. Yes, the phone  was blemished. And there are some serious teeth marks on the speaker  grill. But the phone works. After all, I’m typing this, aren’t I?

God then spoke even more clearly: I am the phone. I was made with a  purpose. And in my “as built” state, I was sleek and beautiful. Then I  entered this fallen world. And the world wantonly ripped me from my  purpose. It chewed me up. It marred my image of myself. But it didn’t  alter my purpose. Nor has it prevented me from fulfilling that  purpose. God will still use me to accomplish His purposes – despite  the scratches and bite marks found throughout my soul.

Friends, don’t let your daily concerns rob you of the joy that can be  found when fulfilling your God-ordained purpose. You WILL be marred  and bruised. But your purpose remains. Go forth with joy as you  discover and fulfill your purpose.



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