Me and My Tablet

August 27, 2011

Android, Technology, Wireless

It’s been twenty-one days since I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 device. And in that time, the tab and I have been through a lot. We’ve had to replace the Zagg screen protector twice. We’ve shared a firmware upgrade (courtesy of the talented Samsung support team). We’ve even solved a DHCP problem with a Belkin router at my office. Throughout that time, we’ve shared many apps (free and paid). All in all, we are becoming quite a couple.

After suffering a lot of anxiety about how we would relate to each other should we take “the ultimate step” in our relationship, we finally set aside any emotional baggage and cemented our relationship. Last night, I rooted my best tablet. By taking this ultimate step in commitment, we are reluctantly saying “goodbye” to direct support from Samsung. But I have high hopes that Steve Kondik (CyanogenMod creator who just joined Samsung) may help to create a new relationship between Samsung, its products and its customers.


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One Comment on “Me and My Tablet”

  1. Jeff Rindom Says:

    Lorin, i just saw your post on the galaxy tab. i guess you recommend it over ipad2. what do you think of the motorola xoom?



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