It’s Time to Sow and Go!

March 16, 2012


What you sow does not come to life unless it dies first. – 1 Corinthians 15:36

Today is my last day with General Dynamics and with the United States Marine Corps. And I am overwhelmed with many emotions. But God has been immensely gracious. He has gently reminded me that the things which I have planted and nurtured won’t come to pass until my time at MCEITS ends. Consequently, I am joyful that the seeds which I have planted WILL bear fruit – even though I won’t be here to see (or taste) that fruit.  Indeed, I was reminded that my role was to be like that of Johnny AppleseedI must sow and go.  So it is now time to leave the forest that I and others have planted.  We might be fooled into thinking that this forest still looks like bare soil. But we have all seen the vision of the forest.  Ladies and gentlemen, I planted the seeds that were in my bag. I made sure that the spring rains haven’t washed away the seeds.  And now I must leave the forest for each of you (and all of you) to tend.

Be true to the mission and vision that you have for yourselves and for MCEITS. Good luck – and thanks for the fish!


Lorin B. Olsen
Senior Manager
Sears Holding Corporation
(913) 735-3658 cell



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