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What’s On Your Home Screen

September 6, 2010

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Now that I have a smartphone of my very own, it’s time to highlight what is on my home screen.  But before I do that, I need to note how I got the screen capture. For those who have rooted their system, the process of a screen capture is quite simple.  But for those who […]

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Chrome: More Than A Browser – Less Than A Desktop

November 21, 2009


Take a look at the picture above.  What do you see? Here’s a quick summary: That’s Windows 7 running on my system. Yeah, it’s the release candidate as I haven’t upgraded to the GA version – yet. You see Tweetdeck. While I like other clients, I can’t quite swallow the Seesmic brew that includes Silverlight. […]

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Red Rover, Red Rover – Send Twitter On Over

February 8, 2009


Strategy in the information technology space is a lot like game theory – or at least it’s like kid’s game theory.  The normal inclination of companies is to acquire other companies in order to grow.  This is especially true when the target of an acquisition has a capability that you lack in your own service […]

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Center of the Universe? Meh, Bleh or Ewww?

February 7, 2009


Google is taking an increasingly central role in all of my computing. [Note: Please take a look at a few of my recent posts.]  Here is the quick list: All of my personal email is processed via GMail.  This includes my ISP email that I pull via GMail.  And the introduction of offline capabilities only […]

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